This Place I Found

This place I found is a writing community at and it’s open to all.  The rules facilitate mindful, observational, non-judgemental writing (judgement of the space or our words) and the website provides a “safe space” for pieces to be displayed as anonymously (or otherwise) as any writer wishes.

If you enjoy writing but feel out of practice or have limited time, this site may be a way back in.

How it started

During October 2014 I read two books side by side:

(1) Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov; and

(2) Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg.

Lolita made me wish that I could replicate Nabokov’s dense descriptions while Writing Down the Bones gave me a desire to work with the practice of writing and use it as a way to mindfully take the world in.  The result was that I would need to create a reason to write.   A shortage of time and ideas meant that I would not have the opportunity to write a novel just yet so this is when the idea erupted.

This place I found is simply about going to a place and writing about it, just as it is.  It is not about reviewing the food or the staff in a place, but noticing everything.  I shared my idea with friends and family who then tried it and wrote beautiful pieces.  I realised that other people could use this reason to write too.  So here it is.

Invitation and the Rules

Please accept this invitation to join in, write, and share.  All you need are the Rules and any old place.

Get in touch

If you have any queries or would prefer to send the words and photograph by email to be uploaded, please send them to