In no particular order, thank you to:

  • my awesome family for all the support and for taking me to music lessons and gigs when I was growing up
  • Amy Cuddy for introducing me to power posing and your amazing book – this has changed everything (Link to Ted Talk)
  • my generous friends who, for so long, listened to me insisting that I was a songwriter but that my songs were not yet audible
  • Felix Macintosh at Tigersonic Studio, London for your guidance, patience and well chosen words to get the best out of me and my songs
  • Christy Blanch for her amazing photography skills, as demonstrated in the Gallery
  • Girls Rock London for the general amazingness and making me realise I can call myself a musician
  • Julia Cameron for writing the Artists’ Way
  • Ben, Skye, Mia and Dom and everyone at Escape the City
  • Kate and everyone at the Mutual Fanclub  and the London Artists’ Way groups for your creative support and for providing me with eyeballs to look into on a monthly basis – holding me accountable
  • Dave Garnish and everyone I met at Garnish Music Production School to give me the skills to make the sounds I wanted to
  • Mette Bille and everyone at the Singing Solo courses who witnessed and calmed the terror of singing out loud in front of people
  • Brene Brown for your powers in changing everything through her research + storytelling
  • Susan Cain for leading the Quiet Revolution
  • everyone at City Academy for helping me to get over myself and sing
  • Nick and Hannah at Spare Room Recording for giving me my first building blocks to making music
  • Elizabeth Gilbert for your Ted Talk on creativity and for writing Big Magic