Artists’ Way

If we’ve ever spoken for more than 7 minutes, I’m likely to have brought up the Artists’ Way by Julia Cameron.

I thought it was worth trying to explain what and why it is. If nothing else, this should make me more able to articulate its importance in the future.

So what is it all about:

  • It’s 12 weeks
  • It’s about artistic discovery and recovery
  • There’s a themed essay every week focusing on an element of recovery (e.g. recovering a sense of safety, identity, power etc)
  • There are excercise around each weekly theme
  • You write three pages of nonsense or not nonsense every morning (known as the morning pages)
  • You take yourself out for an Artist’s Date, alone, once each week

What you get out of it:

It somehow develops a sense of clarity of who you are and what you want. It gives an abundance of ideas of things to make and it helps you get out of your own way to make these things happen.

Don’t just take my word for it. In a Facebook post in 2012, bestselling author, Elizabeth Gilbert says:

“Three times in the last decade I’ve committed to doing The Artist’s Way’s program, and each time I’ve learned something important and surprising about myself and my work.”

She is humble enough to admit:

“Without The Artist’s Way, there would have been no Eat, Pray, Love.”

I have previously been through the Artist’s Way process as part of a group and found it extremely inspirational to share the journeys of others. It also provided accountability so that I did the excercises.

If you’d be interested in going through the process in the summer, I’m likely to start a group in Manchester. Please drop me an email ( if you’d like to join me.


Em x

A tribute to the beta readers

I have recently completed beta version 2.0 of my debut novel: the Unexpected Adventures of Ammerella Twigg.

In the summer of 2017 the first beta version of the book was as ready as it could be.  I wanted to get some distance from the story as well as some objective feedback before the next rewrite.

I printed 100 hard copies of the book, ready to deliver to shared book cases and leave them around in a book fairy fashion.  There was a note included on the cover:  PICK ME UP / READ ME / PASS ME ON.

I mentioned this on my personal Facebook page, to see if any of my friends might like to read it.  Unbelievably, I received 100 requests within a matter of hours.  I busily distributed the books with no expectations.

I also prepared some electronic versions of sample chapters from the book and delved into the wonderful world of #bookstagram.  I contacted the people of Instagram who adore books and whose profiles looked fantastic to ask if they would mind possibly reading a few chapters if they had time.  To my astonishment, these amazing humans from all over the world were not only happy to help but some thanked me for the opportunity.

My friends have dutifully shared beta version 1 and I continue to receive helpful feedback via email.


Importantly, I received some hugely useful information about characters, storyline and typos.

This is a tribute to those beta readers. Beta version 2.0 is a re-write that hopefully clarifies any confusions … and typos.

If you would be interested in being a beta reader for Beta Version 2.0, please email and I will get a copy to you as soon as possible.

Ammerella has her own Instagram account on @ammerellatwigg and is on Facebook.

Thanks, once more.

Em x