I’ve been MIA again. But wow. Canada. My mum came to meet me in Toronto and we got the train for three days to the Rockies. We have had some amazing moments here and will head onwards to Vancouver the day after tomorrow. I don’t usually do travel #thisishowwedoit style blogs but this has been […]

If we’ve ever spoken for more than 7 minutes, I’m likely to have brought up the Artists’ Way by Julia Cameron. I thought it was worth trying to explain what and why it is. If nothing else, this should make me more able to articulate its importance in the future. So what is it all […]

I love it here. I feel content. It’s hard to write when you’re content. There is a warm familiarity here through these cold streets. It has the red bricks, the sounds of passing trains and a good level of cement that I’m used to. Chicago has oodles or personality without being tied to a genre.  […]

As I marched restlessly around the French Quarter on my final day in New Orleans, a combination of: (a) unmanaged expectations; and (b) PMS, left me disgruntled. Where was the Jazz?! Of all the places I’d been, New Orleans was probably the one that I had any preconceptions about (probably unfairly). I blame Ryan Gosling […]

Taupo:  the land of black swans where people give you beaming smiles as you go running.  A rare event indeed.  (And yes, I went running). I’m told that the lake is the size of Singapore and was created 25 million years ago via an earthquake/volcanic activity.  I arrived here yesterday and was greeted with glorious weather.  […]