As I travel I am shuffling and challenging my thoughts. I am considering more what I want to do when I return to the UK… and more specifically, Manchester. Many of my ideas have directed me towards the importance of community and artist development, in each case, around music. At SXSW there was a lot […]

If we’ve ever spoken for more than 7 minutes, I’m likely to have brought up the Artists’ Way by Julia Cameron. I thought it was worth trying to explain what and why it is. If nothing else, this should make me more able to articulate its importance in the future. So what is it all […]

People who say they never have stage fright make me feel the same way as people who say they don’t get hangovers:  confused, envious and I don’t believe them. I was the girl who mimed in the choir.  I looked with awe at those who were designated as “singers”.  The celebrated ones.  By the age of 9 I was […]