Community and Artist Development

As I travel I am shuffling and challenging my thoughts. I am considering more what I want to do when I return to the UK… and more specifically, Manchester.

Many of my ideas have directed me towards the importance of community and artist development, in each case, around music.

At SXSW there was a lot of talk around the lack of artist development from labels combined with a lack of time for artists and bands to be able to explore their sound and style before being written-off (literally in the accounts).

At the same time, as a *bedroom musician*, though I have time to work on my own sound, there is a lack of feedback until I get to a point where I’m ready to record or perform my music. At that point the stakes are higher because being in a studio costs money and being on stage in front of people is a big deal if you’re like me.

So… I believe that community is key.

I want to create a space where women making music and sounds have the chance to meet up, work on music, give and receive feedback on tracks and eventually play together and support each other.

This is currently named The Daphnies, inspired by Daphne Oram.

If you are making music in Manchester or beyond and would like to get in touch or be involved somehow I’d love it if you’d send me an email at

I’ve made an Instagram account so please have a look for any updates.


Em x


Dunedin: The other side of the world

I am apparently c.18,958 km from London, but it feels like a million miles.  New Zealand is providing the space and calm that I had hoped for.  London’s antidote.

There has been such a wonderful combination of waterfalls, shells and bumblebees.

The beauty of Milford Sound was particularly humbling.  The fjord’s mountains torn apart by the glacier are still pouring out glacial waters from their wounds via waterfalls.

It was the exposed rock of the mountains that knocked me down like a chiseled rugby player.  Such big, rugged beauty.

This has meant that words and melodies have found their way into voice memos in my phone by way of my mind.

My Franz Josef epiphany told me to be ready for Nashville. I am complying by recording some of my “pop” songs.  These are songs that I would love another artist, preferably Rihanna, to sing.  I would hate to be talking to someone in Nashville who could assist with this dream and then not be ready.

These are songs that I have written over the past 5-ish years.  I’m collaborating with my former self and making edits that she would not have tolerated at the time of writing those songs.

Dunedin is the perfect location for this.  I have my own space as, happily, I’m not in a dorm room while I’m here.

The city of Dunedin is very Scottish.  It is based on Edinburgh and had a lot of Scottish settlers from 1855.  There are some nice bars and coffee shops, but not loads else to do.  Again, perfect for writing.

Thanks for reading, again!

Em x

P.S.  When researching Dunedin I found this awesome article about an 11 year old boy raising money for a charity that helped when his little sister was in hospital receiving cancer treatment. She has recovered now but, as a thank you, he’s going to pogo up the world’s steepest street:  Baldwin Street, Dunedin.