As I marched restlessly around the French Quarter on my final day in New Orleans, a combination of: (a) unmanaged expectations; and (b) PMS, left me disgruntled. Where was the Jazz?! Of all the places I’d been, New Orleans was probably the one that I had any preconceptions about (probably unfairly). I blame Ryan Gosling […]

I’ve gone a bit quiet again. I’ve been at SXSW this week.  It’s been a total dream.  There is such a collection of people who are really great at what they do.  These people are here to share and grow their ideas.  It’s how life should be all the time. Austin is a great city […]

I came to Nashville because I wanted to go somewhere where everyone was a songwriter.  For much of my life I’ve felt like a bit of an oddball for my songwriting habits.  Here, one of the first questions that I have been asked by some is: “are you a songwriter?” “Yes!” I say (…before confiding […]

Just a quick note to record my trip to LA… a few days out of date and before Nashville takes over all of my cells. It felt like a big city. Warm centres and suburbs of London that I hadn’t before been to. Sprawling. I could feel the hustle: people putting themselves out there from […]

The bloke in the travel agent said that I should pop to Fiji in between my Australasian and American adventures.  This would give me the chance to relax and lie on the beach for a few days. Although I’ve never really been a hot-weather-beach person, Fiji sounded too wonderfully exotic to fly over. I arrived […]