Austin and SXSW 2018

I’ve gone a bit quiet again. I’ve been at SXSW this week.  It’s been a total dream.  There is such a collection of people who are really great at what they do.  These people are here to share and grow their ideas.  It’s how life should be all the time.

Austin is a great city and I had a few days of it before this festival began.  Many companies have taken over shops and bars for the festival period and the main roads are closed.  The city is behind the music.


The best things I’ve seen are:

  • The bands and artists (check out Billie Eilish, Saint Sister, Findlay and Boniface)
  • Linda Perry (may I refer you to my Instagram tribute)
  • Photographers scrambling around on various floors to get their photographs

Most of all it’s been very interesting to observe the panels and conversations that I’ve chosen to attend.  Lots of focus on community and artist development.  Ideas are definitely brewing.  I will see where the dust settles after being thrown up in the air this week.  Ideas for new chapters…

It’s been so inspiring to be around great music.  I feel full of words and beats, ready to make more music and bear with myself.

That’s all for now folks.

Thanks for reading.

Em x

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