Fiji Paradise

The bloke in the travel agent said that I should pop to Fiji in between my Australasian and American adventures.  This would give me the chance to relax and lie on the beach for a few days.

Although I’ve never really been a hot-weather-beach person, Fiji sounded too wonderfully exotic to fly over.

I arrived here four days ago to experience wind, rain, thunder and lightning. It’s been so loud that I’ve wondered whether I am, in fact, afraid of thunder.

I have relaxed, but in my own way. I’ve been recording music.

The music has come out in a mixture of commercial songs I would like people with big voices to sing (a few are here via this private link for as long as I am brave enough to keep it here), and a daily practice that I started on Tuesday where I’m collecting sounds and trying to weave them into more coherent song-like arrangements.

This has told me what I know already, I love the rain. I should be disappointed that my time in this paradise has been interrupted. But this was perfect for me.

The photo is a glimpse of sunshine on this, my last day in Fiji. Maybe today will be less productive!

Em x

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DJ // producer // songwriter

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