Travel update: Sydney

Just a quick one:  I spent 4 days in Sydney over the weekend. I was lucky enough to stay with friends in their beautiful Manly home as well as catching up with other friends that I knew from the UK.

This meant that I felt like a “real person” rather than a traveller for a few days: settled being around people who were settled. A new context for this adventure confirming that my brain is, happily, not working quite as hard.

It was also a novelty to be around people who were born before the 90s.

I didn’t do any touristy things but it’s always a delight to see the Opera House-Harbour Bridge combination from the water.


It was wonderful to spend some time in Manly getting sea water up my nose and getting some writing done.


That is all. Off to Fiji now to see how big my hair goes in the humidity!

Thanks for reading!

Em x

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