New Zealand, New Me

(I have just made myself laugh with the title of this blog… I don’t mean it!)

A man stepped out of his Hare Krishna street parade to tell me that I looked “peaceful”.

This comment felt fitting as peace was the very thing I came to New Zealand for: as the antithesis of my busy London life.

Being back in Auckland, the place where this trip began on New Year’s Day, it feels fitting to do a short round up of the month-and-a-bit that I’ve been away.

I’ve discarded the planning and goal-setting that I’m prone to.  It’s been great to just be in the moments as much as possible.  If I’ve started thinking about what might happen when my trip reaches its conclusion, I have told myself to just look at the trees and the mountains.  I planned to find places to perform my music, but it hasn’t happened and I am fine with that.  I wanted to make music every day, and that hasn’t really happened either: particularly when dorm rooms are involved.

The trees, mountains and lakes have been the thing.  I’ve been writing lots: songwriting and writing-writing.  I finished another draft of my children’s book and submitted it to a literary agent.  I’ve met some amazing people, and spent lots of good alone time.  I’ve listened to myself and changed my plans where I’ve needed to.

In particular, I have been giving myself space to record songs: completely new songs and rehashes of songs I’ve written in the past.  I’m being more honest with myself about wanting to write songs for Rhianna.  This was the plan when I started writing songs half my life ago.  I may need to borrow some ears quite soon.

That’s it for now and I’m excited for the next chapter.

Thanks for reading!

Em x

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