Franz Josef

Rushing water. Open roads. Tree-covered mountains. Yes.

This is the perfect location for solo walking.  As I become aware of nature, I begin to sing. There are some covers and some (very original) original songs.  I let whatever comes to mind fall out of my face.

I remember my walks to work in London. My meandering pace before getting to the hustle and bustle of Liverpool Street where my pace would increase to match or better the other commuters. I would become a competitor.  If a song popped into my head I would find a slither of space in the City to sing it into my phone as a voice memo, pretending I was taking a call.  I will get around to listening to those at some point.

By contrast, on these roads, I walk at my own pace against the water’s flow until I’m ready to turn around and return with the water that escapes from the glacier and mixes with the rain.

I feel restored.

Em x


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DJ // producer // songwriter

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