Lake Taupo

Taupo:  the land of black swans where people give you beaming smiles as you go running.  A rare event indeed.  (And yes, I went running).

I’m told that the lake is the size of Singapore and was created 25 million years ago via an earthquake/volcanic activity.  I arrived here yesterday and was greeted with glorious weather.  This place has my favourite combination:  rugged hills, open water and green trees.

Last night was a wonderful boat tour of the lake where we caught the sunset.  The boat batteries ran out on the way back so the trip was a little longer than planned, as we had to sail back.  Nice though.

I am travelling with the Kiwi Experience which is a bus tour where you can hop on and off at various destinations.  They also take you to see some good geological spots along the way: waterfalls and bubbling geysers.

The experience has been as expected in lots of ways.  I am definitely a relative oldie.  The key revelations have been:

(a) I feel like David Attenborough watching the mating rituals of the 20 somethings; and

(b) my sense of humour is based on cultural references that are not relevant to anyone born after 1989 (e.g. nobody knew who Des Lynam was).

It’s been great to see lots, but I’m happy to be staying here at Taupo for two nights.  The weather’s been pretty torrential in the days before yesterday.  Quite unexpected.  This did not affect my enjoyment in Waitomo, where I took a boat tour of a glowworm cave.  No photos were allowed, sadly, but it was truly mesmerising to look up as the boat was gently pulled through the cave.  This mode of seeing the glowworms was described by the bus driver as the “geriatric option”.  Most went on a zip-line infused active rush through the caves.  Give me the geriatric option any day, thanks.

I have been recording music but am stuck with vocals.  This morning I have made several attempts to do some recording quietly in the hostel dorm but I have been interrupted both by housekeeping and hostel roomies with comic timing.  The songs will have to brew in my head for a bit longer, but happy to have kicked off with some songwriting.

Thanks for reading!

Em x

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