“So are we upside-down now?” asked a little girl with intrigue and excitement.

Happy New Year from Auckland: it’s tomorrow already. My body is confused by this. It has no idea what day it is or what it wants me to feed it.

I landed yesterday, when Auckland, like the rest of the world, was sleeping off its hangover. The streets were quiet as I had a little walk through the warm rain and managed to keep myself awake until the grand old time of 6:30 pm. I slept through until 8:30 this morning.

Today the conditions are much better for exploring and I want to find the nature near the city.

The tall EY and Deloitte buildings rest empty in the nearby sky as they wait for the bank holiday to be over. They remind me that my mind still moves at London’s pace. My brain keeps scanning itself for to-do lists and unanswered emails. I remind myself that this is one of the big reasons why I’m here. One of the many answers that I gave my exhausted thoughts on the plane yesterday as they asked with a convincing doubt: “what the hell are you doing?”

I had great expectations of yesterday’s flight thinking it would be all champagne and repeated “Happy New Year”s. In fact, we managed to miss midnight completely on our trip around the spinning world. I wasn’t upset by this.  As Jamie T says: “New Year’s Eve is always shit”. Happily, I missed the hangover too.

I have found a writing buddy already and we are sitting in Starbucks for a while. I have a cold centimetre of my flat white left and will nurse it until I am ready to walk and explore again.

Hopefully there will be more to report in my next post.

Em x

P.s. I’m trying to find my writing voice for this blog. Let’s see…


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